Get Instant Money Online / Sat, 31 Oct 2020 09:10:52 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Easy Ways to Get Instant Money /instant-money-for-everyone/ Tue, 01 Sep 2020 07:07:51 +0000 /?p=2157 In most cases a popular payday loans near me no credit check notes that the companies who provide such services do not require you to submit any credit check to them in order to get the money that you can instantly repay. 

In this age of technology where money has been introduced to us in a jiffy, how do you make money instantly on account without credit check? This is not an easy question to answer for the reason that the majority of people are not interested in knowing the secrets that are hidden in the system and are waiting for the day when they will be able to make money immediately.

The moment you get yourself enrolled into one of the websites which deal with instant cash advances, you need not waste even a single second before you start earning. You just have to put an amount into your account which you can easily pay off within 24 hours of receiving your paycheck every week.

Instant money for everyone

In most cases a popular payday loans near me no credit check notes that the companies who provide such services do not require you to submit any credit check to them in order to get the money that you can instantly repay. 

You should first read through different websites to find out which one is good enough to suit your requirements. Once you have made the choice, you can register for the service and then proceed to get the required amount deposited to your account.

When you submit your application, there will be a section that requires you to fill out a form which asks you to furnish details like your name, address, date of birth, email address and other personal information. After you submit the form, the website would immediately contact you and would then give you an option whether you want to accept the offer of making the deposit or if you prefer to reject the offer.

If you want to reject the offer, the particular company will then ask you to provide the necessary documents so that they could verify your identity. The moment you submit all the required documents, you would immediately get a call from the website which will inform you that you have been chosen and then would request you to pay a small fee as a security deposit.

Once the payment is made, you would be required to present a check in return for the money which you have been sent. Once you have paid the amount, you would get the money deposited to your account without having to wait for another week or month.

Make quick money without having to submit a credit check

You should go for such services which provide instant cash advances without the need to furnish any sort of verification. This is because, these companies would always require you to pay a small fee in return for the money which you have just deposited. Hence, you would get an instant money without having to bother about any sort of paper work.

In fact, many people prefer to use this facility in order to make quick money and do not even consider the idea of ​​being a part of credit checks. They simply prefer to deposit the money into their account and once they are satisfied with the terms and conditions, they simply wait until they receive the next paycheck.

Problems in depositing money to your account

However, if you have never had problems in depositing money to your account in the past then you would not know how important the credit check is. Even if you have been accepted by these websites before, you would still be asked to provide some kind of proof so that you can prove your identity and ensure that the company is legitimate.

In addition, you would also be asked to provide some proof like your proof of employment or bank statements in order to make sure that the particular company is indeed legitimate. Since the amount which you are depositing will depend on the amount of money which you have deposited, it is advisable that you are cautious when it comes to your bank account details and do not risk opening it with a new account as you may get yourself in trouble.

So, if you are looking forward to make quick money without having to submit a credit check, you should go online to get these websites and register for the service which would instantly deposit your money into your account without any hassle. You can also earn instant money without worrying about the credit check which is one of the most important factors while requesting for loans.

Fast Cash For Those With Bad Credit /fast-cash-for-those-with-bad-credit/ Sun, 23 Aug 2020 19:44:00 +0000 /fast-cash-for-those-with-bad-credit/ If you need fast cash, the fast loan company is the right choice for you. With their fast services, you will have a loan that can be approved quickly. Whether you are out of work or having trouble paying your bills, you can get cash and move on with your life.

A fast cash loan is very helpful to those who are facing an emergency situation and want immediate help. You may need a vehicle, groceries, or medication for an illness. In times like these, it can be hard to meet your expenses and if you need a loan quickly, this could be the solution you are looking for.

A fast loan does not require a credit check or background checks

A fast loan does not require a credit check or background checks

This means that you do not have to worry about having your financial history examined. The loan can be given to you within minutes without a credit check and without your knowledge.

If you have bad credit, there are fast loans for bad credit available as well. Your credit score is the first thing the lender looks at before approving your loan. If your credit score is low, it may cause you to pay a higher interest rate. In some cases, a high-interest rate may be necessary in order to avoid a default.

If you are approved for a fast loan, your credit report will show that you are in good standing and that you meet all the requirements for a fast loan. All of your information is gathered and you can be issued a loan in just a few hours. You can also use the cash for any reason you choose.

When you are approved for the loan

When you are approved for the loan

You will have an explanation of how the money will be used. You will know exactly what you need and it will not be difficult to pay it back. Your employer may even give you money for an emergency because they will know that you have the money in your account to pay the bills.

Whether you need to take care of a debtor to pay off your car repairs, you can be approved for a fast loan. This type of loan is convenient and you can use it when you need it most. It can come in handy when you are in a pinch and need cash to keep you going until your next paycheck comes in.

Before you apply for a loan, be sure to see if you have any credit problems. You can get a credit check done to see if you have a damaged credit score. Even if you do not have any issues with your credit score, a credit check will help the lender determine if you are a good candidate for the loan.

If you are approved for a fast loan for bad credit, your credit score will not be a factor in determining your approval. You may be able to qualify for a loan if you have a poor credit score. Because you have a good credit score, the lender will still have confidence in you and they may give you a loan despite your credit problems.

If you need the loan but you have been turned down from a normal loan


There is no reason for you to lose hope. There are lenders who specialize in offering loans to those with bad credit. The only difference is that they will only issue you a loan when you have already shown them that you are responsible.

The best way to find a lender that specializes in bad credit loans is to use the Internet. There are many online search engines that can give you multiple lenders that offer bad credit loans. You can then compare the offers and choose the one that is the best match for your needs.

With fast cash, you have no excuses for being behind in your bills or emergencies. Use the money you have obtained for whatever you need to make ends meet. A quick loan can make it possible for you to meet all of your obligations.

All About Instant Loans /all-about-instant-loans/ Sun, 14 Jun 2020 19:38:55 +0000 /all-about-instant-loans/

Instant loans are usually offered by lenders who accept your application for a loan within a matter of minutes. They are so quick because of the internet, which makes it possible for them to conduct business without a formal office.

Online lending has become very popular as it is faster and more convenient. There are many lenders on the web and they will all provide you with instant loans to use in a time and place of your choosing. Instant loans provide cash within hours, even days, if you have the funds in your account when the repayment date is due.

Before you apply for a loan, it is always a good idea to do some research on the lender that is offering the loan. Find out how long they have been in business, how much money they have loaned and how much interest they charge.

The best place to find instant loans is on the internet

The best place to find instant loans is on the internet

It is always a good idea to compare different lenders before you make a decision. Look at their services and interest rates, find out if they have any hidden costs and read through their Terms and Conditions carefully.

When comparing loans online, you will find that there are many fees and charges involved that may be completely unnecessary for the different lenders. However, you need to make sure that there are no over payments and late payments fees.

If you can afford it you should always want to pay the fees and charges you see. That way you can be sure that you get what you are after, the loan. Instant loans are not always cheap, but you must be prepared to pay whatever it takes to get the loan.

Instant loans can come from local banks and even online lenders. You can find lenders locally and online who specialize in providing the service that you need. You will also be able to work with the lender in a very short time.

Online lenders will offer a cheaper loan

Online lenders will offer a cheaper loan

One thing that you should be careful of is the standard fees that online lenders charge. Many times, online lenders will offer a cheaper loan for the same amount. However, they will charge an annual fee and many have other hidden costs that can add up over time.

Local lenders are generally the easiest to deal with, but in the case of an emergency or if your loan application is declined, it is best to contact a local credit union or bank for help. They will be able to give you the information you need and will offer advice on your particular situation. This is a great place to start your search.

When searching for the best instant loans, do not settle for the first one that you find. You will want to take your time to compare the different options available. There are various lenders that offer instant loans, but not all of them have all the features that you will need to get the loan that you want.

Lenders with low interest rate

Lenders with low interest rate

Some lenders will offer higher interest rates, some will have a lower rate of interest and some may even have a higher rate of interest. While you should be looking for a lender that offers the best rates, you also need to be on the lookout for lenders that are offering incentives and special offers. It may sound crazy, but some lenders may offer low rates for having a new credit card or joining a special club.

Instant loans can be obtained from many different places. It is important to take your time to compare options so that you can find the right lender for your needs. A little research can go a long way.

24 hr loans bad credit -Any loans for bad credit: Find out more /24-hr-loans-bad-credit-any-loans-for-bad-credit-find-out-more/ Sat, 02 Nov 2019 10:16:02 +0000 /24-hr-loans-bad-credit-any-loans-for-bad-credit-find-out-more/ How many times has it happened that you needed money urgently, almost yesterday? Breaking your head about how to get money, borrow from friends, partners or family is not exactly the happiest option. Often, you feel obligated in such a situation even when you pay back the money.

Any loans for bad credit: Find out more

Why fast loans online

Contact us for a quick and easy solution. You do not need extra documentation for our loan or even leave your home. It is enough for you to apply online, submit your personal and minimal documentation and your money can be paid within 15 minutes of delivery of the signed documentation. There is nothing faster and easier. Save your precious time, spend time waiting in line with your loved ones.

You may want to go on some long-desired trip with your family or friends. Don’t let the creation of fond memories for the future limit you money. Contact us for any loans for bad credit, we will quickly fulfill your needs and desires without stress for mutual satisfaction.

What you once could only have imagined today is quite achievable

Fast loans online are ideal when you need a smaller amount of money because these loans are short-term with a repayment period of up to 5 installments and a maximum amount of up to 6000 kunas.

For fast internet loans, it is enough to have regular monthly earnings on your checking account, which must not be blocked or secured. No matter which bank you are a customer, whether you have credit cards, minus or open credit… This is no reason not to contact us and not try to help you, especially when you know that the conditions for lending are minimal.

Fast internet bad credit loans are a hit

Fast loans through the internet are becoming more and more popular with citizens as people notice the benefits it brings. From the warmth of your home without spending time and extra money, you can request a quick online loan within minutes.

Pay your debts on time, don’t let yourself miss the opportunity and travel somewhere you’ve never been, surprise your partner with a romantic gift, or simply repair your vehicle. You can do all this with our fast internet loans because we pay you to cash in one go. Contact us with confidence and see why we are among the leaders in this financing method.

Best Payday Loans – Search and find the best loan online in 2019 /best-payday-loans-search-and-find-the-best-loan-online-in-2019/ Wed, 16 Oct 2019 12:45:25 +0000 /best-payday-loans-search-and-find-the-best-loan-online-in-2019/ A better starting point for choosing the best payday loan

A better starting point for choosing the best loan

The development in the market has meant that today there are many opportunities for borrowing online. This is especially true of consumer loans, where there are a large number of companies on the market.

Here we have created a service that can help you get an overview of what you should notice when you apply for a loan online. So if you are considering making a loan, we can help you here. It might be that you need money for a new car or the journey you have long dreamed of. We hope to provide you with a better starting point for choosing the best payday loan for you.

Find the best payday loan online

Find the best loan online

When you talk about online loans without collateral, you talk about consumer loans. In short, it is a loan type, where it is not required, that you pledge collateral in personal assets. This is a big plus for many who feel that they do not ‘risk’ as much as other types.

Today, there are a large number of companies on the Internet that offer different amounts, interest rates and terms. But in general you have the opportunity to borrow small to medium amounts, ie from approx. USD 5,000 up to USD 500,000. So you have the opportunity to cover unforeseen expenses as an extra expense, or you may have the opportunity to buy something you have long dreamed of. Most lenders allow you to choose the repayment period yourself, so you can’t set a typical period for this.

As a consumer, of course, you pay a price for not requiring security. That price is paid in the form of a fairly high interest rate compared to other loan types. The effective interest rate is usually around 7% per annum with the cheapest, and can reach as high as 30-40% in some. Of course, this is something to consider, and we will explain more about the effective interest rate later in this article.

How do you apply for the best payday loan in 2019?

How do you apply for the best loan in 2019?

As I said, in 2019 there are an incredible number of lenders online. This is of course an advantage, because you have a large selection to choose from. But it is also something that can make it difficult to get an overview, and many do not know where to start. Here we give you 3 good tips, which we believe can help you find the best payday loan online.

  1. Apply at several companies

In Norway, there is a legal requirement that there should be examples of all loan offers. It makes it easier for you as a consumer to find out what is really offered.

But the way to the cheapest and best payday loan is to get more offers from different companies. One can never quite know in advance what offer they can give you, so it is a good idea to bring in many offers. Submitting an application is always free and without obligation and therefore you risk or lose nothing by obtaining offers. Conversely, you get a better basis for comparing different offers and choosing them, which is just right for you.

  1. Compare effective interest rates

Once you bring in your different offers, it’s time to compare them. And how do you do that? A good idea is to look at the effective interest rate and compare it with the different lenders. The effective interest rate shows you the actual cost, because it takes into account all fees. In short, it is the annual interest rate plus all other fees and charges. This is therefore the best way to compare two loans and you can easily see which one is the cheapest for you.

  1. Choose a monthly price you can pay

The last thing you want to risk is that you cannot repay the loan. Therefore, it is important that you never choose a monthly benefit that is greater than what you have available. Sit down and get an overview of how much you have the opportunity to pay. This way you risk not getting into situations where you are suddenly unable to pay the monthly price.

We hope that this has given you a better insight into what to think about when finding a loan online. Now you can compare different offers here on the site and search for exactly the company that can give you the best deals.

Note that you cannot be sure of finding the best payday loan on the site, as there may be other cheaper online loan options.

What do we need to sleep after borrowing? – Loans /what-do-we-need-to-sleep-after-borrowing-loans/ Mon, 16 Sep 2019 07:04:04 +0000 /what-do-we-need-to-sleep-after-borrowing-loans/ When we are financially committed for 20-30 years, it is natural for us to panic a little. These are the questions that start with “What happens when …” . In these cases, it is better to answer these questions and deal with real fears because of our own spiritual peace. Let the most common concerns and optional solutions come!

What happens if my apartment / house burns down?

What happens if my apartment / house burns down?

Although not a common hazard, it is still a real danger. That’s why at the banks, disbursement condition is home insurance. Our basic service is to reimburse us for the rebuilding of the property.

Obviously it causes inconvenience, but this is not a big financial problem, so don’t worry about it! So the solution is to find the right home insurance.

What happens if I get hurt and can’t work?

money loan

We don’t even have to make a mistake to make trouble for us. I slip on the ice and break my hands or just “stick my feet” and break my Achilles tendon. I know from personal experience that by the time this is half a year, it can be normal again. The bigger problem, though, is that sickness cash is 60% of our reported earnings. Which is a significant loss of revenue.

Let’s take out insurance that will help you to make up for the financial shortfall that has occurred. The right choices can be a risk life insurance, an accident insurance, and a credit coverage insurance.

What happens if I lose my job?

This is a completely realistic fear. Statistics also show that more than half of the population does not have enough money to live for 2 months. As a first step, we immediately recommend that you start building a security reserve for yourself, where you accumulate an annual salary.

We have insurance that pays off in the event that you are permanently unable to find a job, unemployment insurance and / or credit insurance are a good solution.

What if I die?

What if I die?

According to a sad statistic, when an ambulance van passes by, we think in vain that they are carrying a poor old man. More than half of the cases are rushed to 40-50 year olds to save their lives. Of course, don’t cross the horse, because we’re in this age, we don’t have to bury ourselves right away! ?

We need to speak objectively about this topic without emotion.

One of the biggest problems after borrowing is that if we do not pay the loan, we lose the property. If two of us have taken out a loan, we basically arrange our rest for 2 payments. If one of your earnings goes down, it can very well upset our finances. Especially if it is accompanied by a tragedy like a death. And then even the apartment could be lost.

Clearly, material disaster can be prevented by thinking ahead and concluding a life insurance policy. But how much is worth?

  • the amount of the mortgage loan taken out
  • to the extent of our credit
  • all our debts and our 2-3 year old earnings
  • in addition to the above one million HUF for grace services

In this list we have moved up from the minimum amount to the ideal amount. A risk life insurance and, of course, a loan hedge offer a good solution for us.

Let’s be proactive!

As we can see, we really have legitimate concerns. But there is no problem with this, since it is better to be afraid than to be frightened. In addition, we can prepare ourselves for the financial implications of our fears. We can offer credit coverage for almost all of them, and it’s available in almost every bank. We would like to ask that this is not the item you are trying to save in the credit process . If you need more information, feel free to contact us! We are at your disposal and will respond promptly.

What are the prospects for the financial markets /what-are-the-prospects-for-the-financial-markets/ Fri, 13 Sep 2019 08:43:10 +0000 /what-are-the-prospects-for-the-financial-markets/ Yvesz Kazada, Investment Analyst at Philogen Toto, looks ahead to 2015. What is going to happen on the financial markets in the new year? An overview with five challenges.


The European deflation ghost

The European deflation ghost

More than ever, deflation risk is present in the euro zone. Will the Easy Coins Bank (ECB) be able to respond in time to avert this scourge by introducing an unconventional monetary policy? Our analysts remain positive about an intervention from the ECB and therefore also support equity funds with low volatility. Apart from deflation, some sectors, such as the European food industry, will continue to look for growth abroad through mergers or acquisitions. Other segments, such as telecom operators, will continue to generate cash through the expansion of their quadruple play offering (television, internet, fixed and mobile telephony).


The Asian economy

The Asian economy

The other question mark for 2015 is the landing of Chinese growth: will it go smoothly or not? The value of the Japanese currency is likely to continue to fall. And perhaps the expectations regarding GDP will also have to be adjusted. In such an environment, it may be interesting to invest in Asian growth through themes such as:

  • Infrastructure in India
  • The improvement of water management in China
  • The technological efficiency in South Korea and Taïwan


The geopolitical risks

The geopolitical risks

Another question is how the geopolitical risks will affect the markets. Do tensions with Russia continue to increase, for example? It continues to look coffee grounds and this question is likely to continue to feed the discussion in 2015. Despite these uncertain factors, growth in emerging regions can be capitalized on by opting for low-volatility equity funds. Furthermore, the alternative to the BRIC block (Brazil, Russia, India and China) can be found in investments in so-called “frontier markets”. Nevertheless, it is also advisable to retain a “shock absorber” in the form of high-quality bonds in the more defensive part of the portfolio.


US monetary policy

US monetary policy

Furthermore, it is also uncertain which path the US monetary policy will take. It is certain that the Fed (US central bank) will raise official interest rates, but at what rate and when exactly? Our analysts point out that the upturn in employment in the US directly benefits various segments, including the construction industry. The sense of wealth will increase the demand for real estate, the rise in interest rates will increase the profit margin of the banks and the expansion needs of the industry will lead to mergers and acquisitions of companies in the regions least affected by the weak growth . Our analysts note that niche segments such as road transport will benefit from acquisitions, the rising demand for freight transport and a better supply than rail transport in certain regions.


The volatility in the financial markets

The volatility in the financial markets

A final challenge is the volatility in the financial markets. Is there a risk that this volatility will increase? The question primarily concerns emerging countries, which will be in the front row when the Fed will raise interest rates. And how will the bond market respond? Here too, the question is more than relevant. After all, the past has shown that a too fast and too abrupt rise in interest rates can cause a correction in the bond markets. And investors are certainly not waiting for that. According to our analysts, in 2015 it can be interesting to focus on:

  • US bonds:

While stock markets are preferred, it is clear that the US market will offer opportunities in the bond segment, which will eventually benefit from the planned interest rate rise. Bonds that respond positively to a rise in interest rates, such as bonds secured by mortgage loans or by assets, will gradually supplement Treasury certificates. In the bond segment, it is important to select funds that offer the manager as much flexibility as possible. Matter of using all existing options.

  • European shares:

Unlike 2014, 2015 can become the year of European shares. The reason? Not only are European equities less expensive than their American counterparts, they will also benefit from the rise in the dollar and from the more than accommodating policies of the ECB. Because where the United States and England want to take the lead in raising interest rates to further leave the crisis behind, Japan and the eurozone will play a different score and throw loads of cash on the market to fuel growth. This monetary doping must be to the advantage of European equities, and in particular of equities that are well positioned for export. In this context, we must not forget that the fall in oil prices will again give households in the euro zone more purchasing power and help to lower the costs of companies. The evolution of the oil price will also have an impact on the stock markets: while airlines and the oil-consuming industry (utilities, automobile industry, transport companies) are already benefiting, other sectors risk being significantly disadvantaged (large oil companies, related companies, chemicals).

We remind you that investment products are exposed to risks including a possible loss of the invested capital. Investment products are not bank deposits and are not guaranteed by Philogen Toto NV | SA. 


Good Finance Loan Broker | Compare loans online and borrow money quickly /good-finance-loan-broker-compare-loans-online-and-borrow-money-quickly/ Sun, 01 Sep 2019 08:18:04 +0000 /good-finance-loan-broker-compare-loans-online-and-borrow-money-quickly/ Good Finance is one of many Swedish consumers, relatively unknown loan intermediaries so far. Good Finance is a Nordic player that mediates loans between you as a consumer and a number of well-known banks and credit institutions in the Swedish market.

What are the benefits of loan brokers compared to turning directly to selected banks? The very idea of ​​using loan brokers is that they should help you get as many loan offers as possible through a single application.

Applying for loans through loan brokers is quick, easy and easy


The main advantage is that the loan broker forwards your application to a number of banks, but it only results in a single credit report.
After you send in your completed application, just sit down and wait for different loans to be offered to you.

At Good Finance you have a reply to the loan application within 4 hours of your application being made and then you can only choose which of the loans offered is best for you. Admittedly, it often happens that you get answers much faster, but be careful not to rush and choose the first best. There may be more offers than you think and then it may be worth waiting until it has been about 4 hours.

Ability to compare Good Finance with other loan intermediaries

The almost single but very crucial difference between different loan intermediaries is which banks they work with.
A loan broker often works with a fairly limited number of banks and those who are not paying enough attention may send a couple of loan applications to intermediaries, but find that they cooperate with the same banks.
In the worst case scenario, it might even be EXACTLY the same bank and then you have “thrown out” an application and got an extra UC check on the register completely unnecessarily.

If you are looking for the benefits that mortgage lenders are often associated with, it is good to get an overview of important differences and similarities between different loan lenders.

There are a great many players in loan brokerage

As in other contexts when it comes to loans, it also happens here that one and the same group can stand behind more than one loan brokerage. In particular, it is possible to see whether the intermediary in question clearly states clearly that they cooperate with one of the other actors.

If you do not want to choose Good Finance directly, it is worth looking up and comparing a few more players in loan brokerage.

What Are the Benefits of Long-term Saving? /what-are-the-benefits-of-long-term-saving/ Fri, 16 Aug 2019 05:56:11 +0000 /what-are-the-benefits-of-long-term-saving/ If your home is (almost) paid off and you are looking for a different formula to save taxes, then you should definitely consider saving in the long term. In addition to the formation of additional pension capital, this also offers you a tax reduction of 30% on the amounts deposited.

What is it?

save money

You build up extra capital at retirement age through long-term savings. You do this by investing in a savings insurance policy. This not only offers you a guaranteed interest. If the financial markets and the results of the insurance company permit, you can also receive profit sharing. The latter is viewed annually.

How much can I save?

The amount that you can set aside for this depends on your net taxable professional income. It amounts to 172.80 euros + 6% of that professional income. Anyone with a net taxable income of 28,000 euros can, therefore, pay 1,852.80 euros. There is an absolute maximum of 2,310 euros for 2018. That corresponds to an income of at least 35,620 euros.

How large is my tax benefit?

tax benefit?

The deposits you make give you a tax reduction of 30%. Anyone who pays the maximum of 2,310 euros must therefore pay 693 euros less in taxes.

Please note: long-term savings fall in the same basket as the capital repayments of a home loan and the premiums of a balance insurance policy. If the basket of 2,310 euros has already been filled with this, long-term saving will not result in an additional tax reduction. It is therefore generally advised to wait until after the repayment of your loans.

When can I request my capital?

When can I request my capital?

When your 55 th starting with long-term savings, you can use the funds without tax penalization Retrieval 65. If you start after your 55th birthday , your savings plan must run for at least 10 years.

However, requesting your credit at the age of 65 or after at least 10 years is not an obligation. In contrast to traditional pension savings, you can save even further after your 65th birthday or after your retirement. The only condition is that you still have professional income at that time.

How am I charged?

How am I charged?

If you started with the long-term savings for your 55th, the insurer will be on your sixtieth birthday on the accrued capital hold off an anticipatory tax of 10%. This only takes into account the guaranteed interest. The profit sharing that you received are exempt from taxes.

If you only started after your 55th birthday , the tax will be levied on the tenth anniversary of your savings plan.

You continue to enjoy the tax deductions on the deposits you make after the tax has been levied, even though you will no longer be taxed on it later. Saving further after your sixtieth becomes extra interesting.

Avoid calling up your credit early. If you do so, you will have to pay 33% taxes instead of the preferential rate of 10%.

Banking monitoring survey: financial confidence shaken /banking-monitoring-survey-financial-confidence-shaken/ Fri, 19 Jul 2019 08:19:34 +0000 /banking-monitoring-survey-financial-confidence-shaken/ Brokerage scandals have eroded general financial confidence in both brokerage firms and banks, and the importance of foreign-owned banks and foreign direct investment has risen in the eyes of the public, according to a survey released Tuesday by Good Finance Insurance Company.

Banks and brokerage firms were severely shaken


In a non-representative survey of 1,100 people surveyed between March 26 and 29, 42 percent of survey respondents said that “banks and brokerage firms were” severely shaken “. 20% of respondents are concerned about the possible bankruptcy of their bank or brokerage firm.

When asked if there was a decent brokerage firm in Hungary, 17 percent answered no and another 17 percent said they did not know. Almost a third of those surveyed believe that there is a decent brokerage firm, but they cannot distinguish it from dishonest ones.

Took their money from the brokerage firm to the bank


Although the uncertainty is widespread, only 8 percent of those surveyed have changed financial services. Most of the bills, 33 percent, took their money from the brokerage firm to the bank, while 17 percent took the money from the bank.

The first of the perceived risks associated with investments is the decline in the value of savings, which was mentioned by 54% of respondents. In addition, 40 percent are worried that savings returns will not reach inflation, and one in five respondents believes that the total loss from financial service fraud is a real threat.

The confidence in smaller banks is the lowest

Confidence in market participants has also been questioned, and the survey shows that most trust is currently held by large, foreign-owned banks, with over 50 percent of people trusting them and receiving a significant response rate to direct savings. placement abroad. While public financial service providers are lagging behind, the Treasury has significantly higher levels of trust. The confidence in smaller banks is the lowest.

According to Good Finance Insurance Company, the survey participants have a significantly higher-than-average education and financial background.