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Aelia means sun


AELIA means “Sun” and this is where our company is inspired. Aelia Anna is a Greek company founded in Thessaloniki almost 10 years ago. It is an exporting company present in more than 60 countries around the world. Anna, who owns the company, designs the products herself, motivated by her passion for tradition but above all for quality by mixing practical and elegant designs.

At Aelia, we design and produce beach towels, bathrobes, beach, home and fashion accessories such as bags, throws, cushions, etc. Our passion is to create the ideal product for your home, hotel, beach bar, event and for all luxury and bohemian travelers and lovers of stylish spaces!

Time tested and responsive

The fabric Aelia Anna uses has evolved over the past 600 years to become the towel of choice both for its highly absorbent and super-fast drying properties, but also for its comfort and elegance. Handwoven from natural cotton fibers, it is light, smooth and yet durable. Its heavy use over the centuries means that it has undergone many modifications and remanufacturing to be exactly the preferred all-round material it is today.

Sleek and versatile

Although durable and long-lasting, Aelia Anna skin-on towels are warm, soft and comforting, making them ideal for wearing as a bathrobe, shawl or scarf. However, it takes up very little space, is light and easy to carry, so it is the perfect travel companion and easy to roll up for a blanket, beach towel, bag, pouch, bedspread and a cousin. Its use goes as far as your imagination!


Our towels are light, soft, durable, warm and skin-friendly and can be used in the bathroom, as a sarong, scarf or shawl. Their heavy use over the years has meant that they have been modified and altered to become the preferred and versatile material they are today. We want to bring summer to life in our designs, which is why we’ve named each after a Greek island, where each design reflects something of the character of the island it is named after. Visit the islands on your own and see how exclusive hotels, beach bars, restaurants and shops have improved their image by having us embroider their name and logo on our towels.

Read more about Aelia Anna on the brand page: fashionunited.com/compagnies/aelia-anna