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This position of Head Designer of the jewelry brand Lei è, is in fact a global role of building the key brand identity / design, with an option of equity after a fixed period.

With the opening of the post, he left an entire wing of the company without creative design direction and a face for Lei è. The main roles include;

– Design and develop a basic collection
– Conduct engagement ring consultations
– Communicate with the Lei è public on a macro scale – Gemstone sourcing

Brand vision roles

Help develop the creative direction of the Lei è brand, from campaign shoots, key message proposals and overall strategy.

The macro accomplishment of this position is having a motivation to build the young business in partnership with the owner, with a stock option clause after 6-12 months.

It will be less of a structured role outside of primary responsibilities, and an emphasis on conceptualizing and executing ideas, rather than working in a controlled environment.

Ryan purdie smith

I’m looking for someone to associate with in Lei è’s childhood. I’m not looking for someone to work exclusively in the inner workings of the business, I want someone to work at the end of the big picture to help establish brand identity and be invested in success long-term.

I bought the Lei è brand in 2020, from the original founder and we had an extremely strong first year, which far exceeded expectations. Personal circumstances changed for Renee (the founder) and she left the brand in June 2021.

I have high expectations for Lei è and the next 12 months will feel like a loose and agile start-up, with no restrictions on the possibilities.

The role will be perfect for someone very motivated in the sense of entrepreneurship.

Lei è Make Model

Lei è emphasizes natural and untreated gemstones with unique stones and cuts. We believe that uniformity has stifled the natural beauty of stones, in a market that has focused on all the bad things.

Our unique selling proposition is to source raw stones and document this provenance.

We believe that uniquely colored gemstones, with a strong ability to tell the story of the stone, paired with bold diamond clusters, is our added value. Our designs come after the unique nature of the gemstones with which we operate.

This is an extremely unique opportunity, which took us some time to find a suitable person for the job, due to the partner / owner projection in the next 6-18 months. We will leave the mark in its current break, until we find the perfect fit. This position requires a true visionary to be on board.

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