Louis Vuitton terminates contract with Kris Wu following police investigation


Louis Vuitton campaign with actor and rapper Kris Wu. Louis Vuitton.

The French luxury house has confirmed that it will no longer work with its brand ambassador.

On July 19, Louis Vuitton announced on Weibo that he was suspending his relationship with Wu, after being accused of predatory behavior by Du Meizhu, a woman claiming to be one of his victims, on July 8. Other brands Wu endorsed, like Porsche and Bulgari, cut ties with him soon after, while Lancôme and Kiehl’s removed mentions of the singer from their online accounts. Wu and his team have denied the allegations.

An official local police report, posted on Weibo on July 22, has since detailed the findings of an ongoing investigation. The post says Wu’s team invited girls to his home for a rally and to have sex under the guise of an interview; Wu and Du had met more than once and kept in touch until April 2021. Police are still investigating allegations of Wu’s alleged sexual abuse.

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Navigating China’s celebrity ecosystem has always been a high-risk and highly profitable bet for global luxury brands, but the stakes are even higher in this volatile and politically charged year.

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