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Your beauty gift guide for the season


Christmas is knocking on our doors and we are already humming the tunes of All i want for christmas is you. Yes, in case you were wondering, this is without a doubt our favorite time of year. I mean, what’s not to love? There is no such thing as the spirit of Christmas in the air. Everyone is in a good mood, there are beautiful lights all around the city that illuminate it. Don’t get us started on delicious Christmas decorations! It is the season of happiness, holidays and lots of gifts. Would it really be Christmas if we weren’t talking about gifts? Secret Santas at work, Christmas parties with your BFF’s– so many opportunities to make your loved ones smile.

We’re not going to deny how confusing and exhausting buying a gift can be. More so, when it comes to beauty. With a barrage of products that can easily overwhelm someone, more often than not people end up buying the wrong gifts. Don’t worry a bit, because we’re here with a specially designed gift guide that covers everything beauty related! Perfect to give as a Secret Santa gift or even to stuff into stockings, read on for a look at some ideal gifts—

For the skincare scholar

L’Oréal Paris, Hydrated, Plumped And Radiant Skin Kit

Let’s face it, there is a plethora of skin care products with so many different ingredients and formulations. What could you possibly choose? This kit L’Oreal Paris offers 3 products, all of which are packed with hyaluronic acid, the hero. A hydrating fabric mask, a plumping day cream and a nourishing serum. When used in tandem, it results in healthy, glowing skin. Sounds like a pretty awesome gift for the skincare scholar in your life.

For the makeup lover

Ruby's Organics, the festive kit (Source: www.rubysorganics.in)
Ruby’s Organics, the festive kit

With makeup, the countless nuances and finishes often leave us perplexed. It happens to me from time to time too, don’t worry. As a makeup enthusiast myself who has received the most random beauty products, let me tell you a secret: we LOVE makeup sets. This one from Ruby’s organics is a perfectly assembled set that you simply can’t go wrong with. Liquid eye shadow with rose gold highlights, dark wine lipstick, earthy pink blush and lengthening mascara. Yes, all of this in one kit!

For the hair care aficionado

Moroccan Oil, Hydration Trio (Source: www.moroccanoil.com)
Moroccan Oil, Hydration Trio

Gone are the days when you subconsciously chose a random shampoo for your sister or even your best friend! What’s better than just one hair product? A whole bunch of them! This one by Moroccan oil is a true hero of hair care. The hydration trio includes shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. It is specially designed to revitalize dull hair by giving it a much needed dose of hydration. Now who wouldn’t be happy with a gift like this?

For the mania obsessed geek

OPI Holiday 21 'nail polish duo (Source: www.opi.com)
OPI Holiday 21 ‘nail polish duo

Being locked up at home for what seemed like centuries allowed us to take care of our nails on our own. This meant no manicure-pedicure at all! This adorable set of OPI takes care of all your holiday nail needs with shades that match the Christmas spirit. A formula that dries very quickly and lasts up to 7 days, the color impressed us. Two shades of red packed in a tiny little box, perfect to slip into a stocking, don’t you think?

For the perfume monster

Victoria's Secret, Bombshell Intense Set (source: www.victoriassecret.com)
Victoria’s Secret, Intense Bombshell Set

Perfumes are always a meaningful gift, chosen for someone who matters to you. Nothing says class and elegance than a perfectly chosen perfume. Who does better than perfumes Victoria’s Secret? The Bombshell intense set includes an eau de parfum, a fine fragrance mist, a roller scent and a lush lotion. A decadent scent of sultry vanilla with hints of cherry and red peony, a successful classic that never goes out of style.

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